Rater Js

Rater-js is a star rating widget for the browser. here are the various examples of rating shown below with variation.

Title Example Description
Basic Rater
<div id="basic-rater" dir="ltr"></div>
Rater with Step
<div id="rater-step" dir="ltr"></div>
Custom Messages
<div id="rater-message" dir="ltr"></div>
Example with unlimited number of stars. readOnly option is set to true.
<div id="rater-unlimitedstar" dir="ltr"></div>
On Hover Event
<div dir="ltr">
    <div id="rater-onhover" class="align-middle"></div>
    <span class="ratingnum badge bg-info align-middle ms-2"></span>
Clear/Reset Rater
<div dir="ltr">
    <div id="raterreset" class="align-middle"></div>
    <span class="clear-rating"></span>
    <button id="raterreset-button" class="btn btn-light btn-sm ms-2">Reset</button>
<div data-simplebar style="max-height: 220px;">
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